Tamale! Tamale! Tamale!

Tucson Tamales all natural ingredients are made with high quality, real-food.Real_Food_Approval_smIn our food loving family, there’s nothing we love more than Mexican Food. Growing up in San Diego, one always-present comfort throughout the years was the Tortilla Guy. This wonderful soul walked through the neighborhoods of my beach town calling out, “tortilla! tortilla! tortilla!” and, even better, “tamale! tamale! tamale!” I can still hear his voice!

And, there’s nothing better than homemade tamales.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Tucson Tamales are all natural and made with high quality, real-food ingredients (and, therefore edible)! There are no words. But, I’ll try to find some.

Tucson Tamale uses non-gmo and organic masa and, combined with the non-gmo and expeller pressed canola or sunflower oil, I can honestly say that it lays the foundation for the best tamales I’ve had. Ever. They are lighter (fluffier?) than traditional tamales made with lard yet they aren’t lacking in substance and, though healthier, they give the impression that you are indulging in something naughty. But in a good way.

And that’s just the masa. Let’s talk about fillings.

I don’t even know where to start, possibly due to the fact that they have more than forty flavors to choose from! Choices range from traditional (think: pork loin, green chile sauce and cheese) to vegan (spinach and mushrooms in blue corn masa, oh my!) to dessert (chocolate chips and cherries in cocoa masa) to super creative (try the Black Bean and Cheese in red chile masa!)

Tucson Tamale has three local restaurants and are available in many retail locations, including Food Conspiracy Co-op, Whole Foods and even Trader Joe’s. They have the Real Food in Tucson seal of approval so be confident to order anything from the menu.

*The Real Food in Tucson Seal promises that every menu item in restaurants is 100% real food but this does not cover beverages or bottled condiments. If you want something to drink or to flavor your food, you’re on your own so check the labels to be safe!

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