Roadhouse Cinemas; Star Wars and Popcorn

Chirrut joined us for all natural popcorn and a movie at the Roadhouse Cinemas in Tucson for a screening of Rogue One.Rogue One! Have you seen it? I never thought I’d say it but, my Star-Wars-loving heart is loving Disney! With The Force Awakens I felt cleansed of the memory of the prequel series which had left me feeling misused and let down. The FA went back to everything that is pure and beautiful, assuring me that there is still integrity in the galaxy.

Rogue One takes it to a deeper level. To begin with, I’m a total sucker for heroes willing to give their lives for the cause. That, combined with old favorites, swooping X-Wings, awesome new characters (Baze and Chirrut! Jyn and Cassian! Kay-Tuesso!) and a storyline that blends with what we know as well as answering some old questions (so THAT’S why the Death Star was so easy to destroy!) makes this new adventure one of my all time favorites.

All this, and: Food. Well, popcorn anyway.

We’ve been loving the Roadhouse Cinemas since last year when we were on our Force Awakens marathon. In case you haven’t been, I’ll fill you in. Roadhouse Cinemas combines the experience of a dine in restaurant  with your traditional movie theater experience. There is limited seating to allow space for luxury recliner loveseats and large aisles in which servers run to and fro, hunchbacked and stealthy, delivering popcorn and drink refills along with  meals, cocktails and desserts while patrons enjoy their film. It’s great fun and makes going to a show super low key, especially if you hate crowds like I do.

We’ve seen Rogue One twice now and I’ve talked extensively with the kitchen manager in hopes of finding some real food on their menu and have been mostly disappointed with the ingredients. They advertise a mostly scratch kitchen and it may be but what I have found has been super processed, a lot of frozen stuff, corn syrups and artificial flavorings. Even their French fries are battered and coated with artificial substances.

However, I wouldn’t be writing this if there wasn’t some good news. It’s the popcorn. Non-GMO, made with coconut oil and topped with real butter. It’s delicious and the bowls are bottomless; just press the button on your seat console and a cinema-fairy brings you a fresh bowl whenever you want! If you want to keep it pure, go for the Children of the Corn but they do have a white cheddar (or Great White) which is free from anything artificial but obviously processed.

We’ve also enjoyed their Italian sodas made with Monin Syrups (some of their flavors are real-food, some aren’t) as well as their gelato which also comes in some real-food flavors while some are not. It’s worth asking on these because they are delicious and the sodas even come with a refill.

As for the rest of their menu, I’m sure one could find something to have but I would encourage you to ask before you eat. Still, we love the Roadhouse because what more could we really hope for than Star Wars and popcorn anyway?

See the movie, eat popcorn and may the force be with you.