Places with Real Food

Real Food places in Tucson … dining, dessert and shopping establishments we can recommend for providing Real Food. For businesses providing only real food, visit our Seal of Approval page.


Exo Roast

Exo Roast offers a simple menu, featuring all-natural, locally sourced breakfast cuisine and expertly roasted, conscientiously sourced coffees.

Blue Willow

Good, clean food for breakfast or lunch. Most menu item are free from artificial additives but we recommend asking to be on the safe side.

The Horseshoe Grill

I’m thrilled to be able to give The Horseshoe Grill the Real Food in Tucson Seal of Approval because they so deserve it. In our searching, our server did discover that the marshmallows in the S’mores Skillet are not natural and they also serve Heinz ketchup which contains HFCS. The RFiT Seal only covers main menu items in restaurants (not drinks, condiments or desserts) however we found that all their other condiments, sauces, dressings and desserts are safe and natural.

La Cocina

A wide variety of choices so that there’s something for everyone – Burgers, tacos, sandwiches, salads and appetizers as well as local beer and cocktails made with in-house infused spirits. Only the BBQ sauce contains artificial ingredients; everything else is totally Real Food in Tucson Approved.

Todd’s Restaurant

While Todd’s Restaurant doesn’t claim to be all natural, they are extremely conscientious and make a majority of their foods from scratch using quality ingredients. I will caution you on a few items … their multigrain bread (contains “caramel coloring”), pancakes and waffles (contain “flavoring”), hot chocolate (pre-packaged), thousand island dressing, and ice cream.

Tucson TamaleReal_Food_Approval_sm

Tucson Tamales are all natural and made with high quality, real-food ingredients, including non-gmo organic masa and non-gmo expeller-pressed canola or sunflower oil.

Welcome DinerReal_Food_Approval_sm

Locally-sourced all-natural ingredients, a genuine scratch kitchen, all in a retro diner. Even their dessert is real food approved.


Le Cave’s

Featuring vegan doughnuts, Le Cave’s is a safe place for treats, except for their decorated cakes.

Isabella’s Ice Cream

Isabella’s Ice Cream is made with all-natural, local and fresh ingredients. There are toppings that are obviously not all natural (sprinkles, gummy bears, etc.) however, the cookies and cones are made by Isabella’s using all natural ingredients.

The Screamery

I will caution that although they claim to use 100% natural ingredients, they do have several items that are not all natural so I encourage you to ask before ordering. I found the staff to be extremely warm and helpful while we discussed ingredients with them.


Real_Food_Approval_smFood Conspiracy Co-Op

Although I have found items at the Co-op with artificial ingredients, they removed the items from their shelves immediately when I brought it to their attention.

Trader Joe’s

You can shop at Trader Joe’s with the knowledge that everything that is TJ’s brand is safe; however, they do carry some items manufactured by other companies and you will have to read the label.

Real_Food_Approval_smWhole Foods

Although I have found items at Whole Foods with artificial ingredients, they removed the items from their shelves immediately when I brought it to their attention.

Entertainment Venues

The Loft Cinema

Featuring organic popcorn, topped with actual butter, the Loft Cinema offers a thoughtful and conscientious variety of foods, including Tucson Tamales, Cafe Desta Ethiopian Wraps, Fresco Pizzeria, Isabella’s Ice Cream and Alternative Baking Company Vegan Cookies. They are also currently offering RBars, Gone Nuts Sprouted Nut Mixes and Primal Strips. Plus, they have an extensive of beverages including Arbuckles Coffee, Numi Teas, Beer, wine, champagne, and craft sodas.