Genuine Creamery: Doughnuts From Heaven

The Whiskey Del Bac Maple Bacon from Genuine Creamery. All natural Tucson doughnutsThere are some, ahem, “food items” which we placed on the alter of good health that I never expected we would eat again. Doughnuts are one such “food”. We would talk about them: “Remember when we used to eat doughnuts?” We’d think about them: Dunking in coffee. Or in milk. But we truly assumed we’d never actually eat them again. That was part of our old life.

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Real Food at the Movies

There are many choices at the Loft Cinema to enjoy Real Food at the MoviesHave you ever gone to the movies and not ordered munchies because there wasn’t anything decent on the menu? Maybe some of you are fine with this. Not us; when we began to be strict about eating only real food we went to one of the larger cinemas in town to see The Hobbit. I had called ahead to ask about ingredients in popcorn and, as expected, it is artificially colored and popped in artificially flavored oil and buttered with artificially flavored margarine. In fact, the only non-toxic offering their concession sells is bottled water. It was rough.

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Tamale! Tamale! Tamale!

Tucson Tamales all natural ingredients are made with high quality, real-food.Real_Food_Approval_smIn our food loving family, there’s nothing we love more than Mexican Food. Growing up in San Diego, one always-present comfort throughout the years was the Tortilla Guy. This wonderful soul walked through the neighborhoods of my beach town calling out, “tortilla! tortilla! tortilla!” and, even better, “tamale! tamale! tamale!” I can still hear his voice!

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It’s Not Coke

Natural alternatives to Coke or Pepsi include Fentiman's Curiosity ColaDoesn’t everyone have one of those days when you just want a soda? In my old life, I was a Pepsi girl. I was never a twelve-pack-a-day kind of soda drinker but I liked to enjoy a cold soda with popcorn or a burger.

Nowadays I mostly drink water, green smoothies and herbal tea and, mostly, that’s what I want and crave. Mostly.

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La Cocina, a Hidden Oasis

Mexican Food and More

La Cocina in downtown Tucson features Mexican food and more with real food ingredientsSometimes, when you have Bike and Beer Night, you want a margarita. At least, that’s how it is for me.

We try to slip away for this treat about once a month.  (If we’re feeling silly it’s called ¡El Noche de Bicicleta y Cerveza!) We live under a mile from downtown so we can easily bike anywhere we’d like to go. It’s especially great in the summer, after the sun has gone down and we can be outside and still live. Then we can ride down and enjoy the fresh air and it feels cleansing. (Well, hot and sweaty, but cleansing still.)

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The Screamery

Bringing Back a Simpler Time

The Screamery Real Food natural Ice CreamWhen I was in Hawaii years ago, I found heaven in many forms. Aside from the intense sensory invasion of beauty in its many forms, one thing that still stands out after all this time is the food. Specifically the ice cream.

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Where We Shop

Real food shopping at Food Conspiracy Co-Op on 4th Avenue in Downtown TucsonAs I’ve been connecting with local business owners and staff, one question that arises is that of where WE shop. I’m finding that people are intrigued by the idea of eating 100% real food and are wondering how to even go about doing this.

I’ve shared some of our process for eating out in my About Us page and in my Hello Tucson blog post, but I wanted to take a minute to share about bringing only real food into our home.

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Isabella’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream the Way it Should Be

Isabella's real food Ice Cream from the Food Conspiracy Co-OpThere is so much to say about good food and Tucson that it’s hard to decide where to start! I’ve thought about which Tucson foods make me happiest and, though we don’t eat it often, what I’ve chosen for my first blog entry is: Isabella’s Ice Cream.

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