11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Isabella’s Ice Cream Shop Right Away

Isabella's ice cream shop on 4th Ave Tucson

1. All our favorite Isabella’s ice cream flavors, still made with all-natural, local and fresh ingredients but now with the space, freedom and creativity to make it even more fun.

Ice Cream Pops! Real Food ice cream bars at Isabella's ice cream shop on 4th Ave Tucson2. Ice Cream Pops! So cute and old-fashioned, you’re going to need to have one of each flavor.

3. Bon Bons! These little darlings are just a few bites of ice cream goodness dipped in all-natural chocolate. They almost trick me into thinking I can have one every time I shop on 4th Ave.

4. It’s on 4th Ave! And right next door to The Book Stop. What could be more convenient?

Isabella's ice cream shop on 4th Ave Tucson right next to Book Stop5. Cookie Sandwiches. On homemade chocolate chip cookies and filled with a generous mound of ice cream. Made to order or choose from their gorgeous counter display.

6. Fresh, hot, local coffee.

7. Monin Syrups. For coffees and sodas.

8. It’s so pretty. Really, even if you don’t want ice cream you should jut go peek.

9. Floats made with all-natural, Italian-style sodas creatively paired with Isabella’s ice cream flavors.

10. Ice-cream tacos made with a homemade waffle cone and dipped in all-natural chocolate.

Ice cream cookies at Isabella's ice cream shop on 4th Ave Tucson11. The Great Gatsby: a hot, giant cookie, made to order and topped with your choice of ice cream and toppings.

Owner Krystel Johnson was working the counter yesterday when we stopped in and she shared that they are in a period of slow transition as they work toward moving production into the shop. During this period of time they will be open from noon until midnight (2:00 am on weekends) but by early December they will open mornings for those looking for coffee or a nibble on the way to work or school. (The streetcar Stop is just outside the door!) Throughout it all, Krystel is dreaming of new menu items so we can look forward to even more reasons to visit coming soon.

Everything made by Isabella’s is always made with real food and the only items that contain artificial ingredients are those that you can see with your eyes like sprinkles and gummies. Order confidently and wisely, visit often and if you can’t make it in to the shop, the truck is still making appearances at local events so keep an eye out.