Graze Premium Burgers

img_0156Graze! I’ve been hearing such great things about Graze Premium Burgers and I finally made it in this week. Overall, I was impressed but I have a very mixed review.

Yummy-ness factor: Super yay!

Other stuff: A little confusing.

I phoned on our way in to double check about ingredients and I was so glad I did because I very nearly made the mistake of assuming. As a rule, I try never to assume. I almost never break this rule but I’ve heard such positive and specific feedback about Graze that I believed that it was going to be all real food.

First off I’ve got to say that the manager, who answered the phone when I called, was extremely warm and willing to help. This is not often the response I get when I call a restaurant to discuss ingredients so I was thrilled with his response. He spent time with me on the phone while he ran around reading ingredients for me. Sadly, his discoveries were disappointing.

img_0150 img_0152 img_0157

Considering the fact that they advertise premium and grass-fed beef, organic ketchup and natural sodas, I had high hopes. As it turns out, my impression is that outwardly they appear to have a lot of food-integrity and in reality their ingredient choices are not all that premium.

We were determined to try so we upgraded our buns to the gluten-free buns (their standard buns contain HFCs) and substituted their Graze Sauce (corn syrup) for mayo, mustard and ketchup and our burgers were pretty stinking good. Their cheese is all natural and the fries are fresh made and awesome. They serve beer. They have natural soda. They have shakes and I believe that the vanilla is all real food. It was a fun meal and definitely reminiscent of In-N-Out which, I think, is what they are going for.

Will we go back? Actually, yes! The burgers were good and sometimes I crave a burger not made by me.


I did, however, leave feeling a little let down. I don’t understand why anyone would put premium, grassfed beef on a poor-quality bun with cheap-ingredient sauce. The manager listened to my concerns and said that he discussed them with the owners. I’m hopeful that these things may be amended.

In a nutshell: Eat at Graze but ask about any food items I haven’t mentioned. Also, if you want to know what you’re eating anywhere, ask! You deserve to know what you put in your body. My learning experience in this was to be reminded, once again, that not all food that looks like real-food is.