Blue Willow

img_2238.jpgIt’s been difficult lately, trying to get local businesses to talk to me about their ingredients. Before starting this website, I told myself I’d give it a year of writing before making a decision about whether or not it’s working out. I knew it would be hard but it’s difficult to imagine what hard will feel like beforehand. As it turns out, hard is hard!

After a short pause, I’m stepping in again and I’ve decided that I will share about some places I’ve already discovered and give the new-place-search a rest. Today, we went to Blue Willow Restaurant.

Considering the fact that it’s been around for nearly forty years, I’m guessing most Tucsonans have been to Blue Willow. But did you know that after all these years they are still committed to their original goal of serving fresh, homemade meals? They are!

Life has been crazy lately and today marked the first day of entering back into Normal. We woke up wanting to celebrate! Breakfast out and a return to blogging felt like the perfect way to commemorate the day. I wanted coffee and mimosa and food that’s as good as I make at home. Only I didn’t want to make it this time. All these things added up to Blue Willow.

Once I had my coffee and mimosa (made with local, organic orange juice!) I thought I’d walk on the wild side rather than ordering my go-to Benedict. Today, the wild side consisted of a Breakfast Tamale Pie. (Groan.) This begins with a tamale which is topped with chili, cheese and jalepeƱos and is served with two eggs your style and a tortilla. Every bite was perfection and was truly as good as it is at home. Not spicy, but flavorful. Total satisfaction.

Others in my posse ordered the Breakfast Burrito, Huevos Rancheros (also not spicy), a Big Pancake with a side of ham and a Bacon, Avo and Swiss omelette.

No one spoke as we ate: a good sign. Everything we ordered was made of real food. We paid the extra buck for real syrup which is available upon request; totally worth it. We enjoyed the beautiful Tucson adobe charm. We giggled over gift-shop goodies. We left happy and full-bellied.

If you go (I really hope you do!), know that I haven’t cleared the entire menu but I haven’t yet come across any item which had artificial ingredients. Not bad, Blue Willow! I encourage you to ask before you eat but I always encourage that. We deserve to know what we are eating, after all.