Craft Beer For the Win!

In celebration of football and food, it seems only appropriate to spend some time talking about beer AND our favorite beer store, Tap and Bottle.

When it comes to great food, I always feel that pairing my meals with a complimentary beverage is as important as the ingredients that go into a dish. Beer plays a big role in our house, especially with the variety available in this craft-brew-age. Continue reading

Real Food For Football

It’s football season again and for me that means:

1. Making a lot of food, and

2. Having time to write. Just like magic. Because my family is distracted. By football!

I have been pondering these things and I thought my first posts back should be about Football Food. Because that’s a thing.  Continue reading

Exo Roast; My New Favorite Coffee Shop

Eco Roast, my new favorite coffee shop in downtown Tucson provides expertly roasted and conscientiously sourced coffeesI’m not a huge coffee drinker, nor do I often buy prepared coffee outside of the house, which is probably why I hadn’t made it in to Exo Roast until today. When I heard the news that they added a breakfast menu oozing with social consciousness and community-love and loyalty as well as wholesome, locally sourced, real food … I had to check it out.  Continue reading

The Horseshoe Grill

Baby Back Ribs at the Horseshoe Grill steakhouse no artificial ingredients Tucked into a strip mall on East Broadway, The Horseshoe Grill appears somewhat ordinary and almost like a restaurant that I would normally overlook. I’m sure glad I didn’t make that mistake! My first contact with the manager was through Facebook where I asked my typical jumping in question: Do you use any artificial ingredients in your food? This question is often met with one of a few different responses and is usually followed by a lot of other, more specific questions and then a lot of label reading (because most restaurant managers don’t actually know what is in their food) and then bad news.  Continue reading

Roadhouse Cinemas; Star Wars and Popcorn

Chirrut joined us for all natural popcorn and a movie at the Roadhouse Cinemas in Tucson for a screening of Rogue One.Rogue One! Have you seen it? I never thought I’d say it but, my Star-Wars-loving heart is loving Disney! With The Force Awakens I felt cleansed of the memory of the prequel series which had left me feeling misused and let down. The FA went back to everything that is pure and beautiful, assuring me that there is still integrity in the galaxy.

Rogue One takes it to a deeper level. To begin with, I’m a total sucker for heroes willing to give their lives for the cause. That, combined with old favorites, swooping X-Wings, awesome new characters (Baze and Chirrut! Jyn and Cassian! Kay-Tuesso!) and a storyline that blends with what we know as well as answering some old questions (so THAT’S why the Death Star was so easy to destroy!) makes this new adventure one of my all time favorites. Continue reading

Graze Premium Burgers

img_0156Graze! I’ve been hearing such great things about Graze Premium Burgers and I finally made it in this week. Overall, I was impressed but I have a very mixed review. Continue reading

Blue Willow

img_2238.jpgIt’s been difficult lately, trying to get local businesses to talk to me about their ingredients. Before starting this website, I told myself I’d give it a year of writing before making a decision about whether or not it’s working out. I knew it would be hard but it’s difficult to imagine what hard will feel like beforehand. As it turns out, hard is hard!

After a short pause, I’m stepping in again and I’ve decided that I will share about some places I’ve already discovered and give the new-place-search a rest. Today, we went to Blue Willow Restaurant.

Continue reading

Bruegger’s Bagels

Good fresh bagels from Bruegger's Bagels in downtown TucsonNow, I realize that Bruegger’s Bagels isn’t locally owned, they are a huge chain and also may seem kind of ordinary, but I’m going to take a quick minute to talk about the awesomeness of this bagel shop.

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